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#267: The Muncey Incident

19 minutes

Texas had just won its independence from Mexico in a bloody revolution. The promise of a prosperous future for Anglo settlers was on the horizon, and everyone wanted their share. While everyone wanted peace, it was inevitable that newcomers would continue to clash with the native residents of the territory. This is the story of the last known Indian raid in Collin County.

#266: Steve Martin

36 minutes

He’s a maverick performer who made a name for himself by questioning everything about his profession. He’s a stand-up comedian turned movie star turned banjo star that now spends most of his time writing. We’re talking about a comedy legend—and technically a Texan.

#265: Tales of the Texas Rangers—Diamond Dick

18 minutes

He was a dashing Texas Ranger who had a reputation for taking the toughest jobs and always getting his man, and he did so always wearing a diamond pin on his lapel. This week we look at another True Tale of the Texas Rangers, the legend of Diamond Dick: Ernest St. Leon.

#264: Tales of the Texas Rangers—The Border Boss John Hughes

20 minutes

He was a legendary Texas Ranger who was relentless in his pursuit of justice. The toughest, longest-serving Ranger of his time, he became known as ‘The Border Boss’. This week, we have another Tale of the Texas Rangers as we talk about John R. Hughes.

#263: Tales of the Texas Rangers—The Ambush at Tres Jacales

16 minutes

Fierce bandits, Texas Rangers, an ambush on the wrong side of the border, and a beloved Captain slain. Today we look at a true tale of the Texas Rangers, the Ambush at Tres Jacales

#262: Five Years

31 minutes

It’s been a long road, Faithful Listeners. Since the beginning, we’ve gone through our own personal changes and shared hundreds of stories about the great state of Texas and what it means to us. Today we’re taking a look back at five years of Come and Take It, a talk show about Texas by Texans.

#261: The Heartbreak Kid: Shawn Michaels

46 minutes

He was a San Antonio Air Force kid who had a professional wrestling career that spanned three decades. Along the way he earned a reputation for being both the best and most difficult performer in the business, along with the title ‘Mr. Wrestlemania’. Today we’re talking about the ‘show stopper, the icon, the Heartbreak Kid himself’, Shawn Michaels.

#260: Salty Texas: Grand Saline

30 minutes

Salt is one of the most important minerals on earth. We need it in our bodies to survive, and it helps make food taste good. Throughout history, salt has been a source of status, conflict, and and wealth that drives commerce. Texas is fortunate enough to have major deposits of pure salt that have made it one of the largest suppliers in the United States of this precious commodity. Today we’re focusing on one of the most prominent suppliers of salt in the world, Grand Saline.

#259: Best of Year Two: Santa Anna Part 1

36 minutes

This week we take a look back at one of our early episodes from the second year of the show, one of our favorites that really shows an alternate view to some of our most beloved history. No man dominated the political life of the first decades of Mexico's existence like Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. But from his earliest days as a Spanish soldier to the field of San Jacinto, Santa Anna's glory was tied to Texas as much as it was to Mexico. Today we look at the early life and rise to power of the infamous Santa Anna, the Napoleon of the West.

#258: Red Adair

25 minutes

He was the king of the Hellfighters, a fearless battler of the most dangerous kind of fire ever known, oil well fires. This week we look at the life of the great Red Adair.

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