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#213: Anahuac Disturbances—Part One

25 minutes

In 1832, policy changes within the Mexican government towards the Anglo colonists in Texas led to one of the earliest sparks of the Texas Revolution.

#212: Texas Renaissance Festival

26 minutes

Hark! What lies there, ‘cross yonder hill, nestled ‘midst the piney woods of south-central Texas? ‘Tis the Lone Star State’s very own Texas Renaissance Festival, the largest such attraction in the United States. Raise thine flagon and bend thine ear as we talk of its long and storied history. Huzzah!

#211: Texas Troubles of 1860

23 minutes

In the Summer of 1860, drought, political strife, and paranoia led to a wave of violence and political uprising that stoked the fires of secession in Texas.

#210: Samuel Dealey: The Destroyer Killer

24 minutes

He was a bold and daring submarine commander who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Second World War. This week we talk about another great Texas military hero.

#209: Hurricane Harvey

20 minutes

To a Texan from the Gulf coast, Hurricanes represent a very real and dangerous threat that stretches back to the origins of Texas history. Today we’re recording this on the evening of August 30th, 2017 and we’d like to take some time to talk about the latest hurricane to come to Texas.

#208: The Spare Rib Summit

19 minutes

In 1963, just a month after the tragic death of President Kennedy, the first major diplomatic summit of the Johnson presidency was held in the heart of Texas, at LBJ Ranch. This week we talk about the amazing story of the Sparerib Summit!

#207: Tom Landry

33 minutes

A legend in football. A legend in Texas. The man who turned the Dallas Cowboys into America’s Team.

#206: The James Farmers

17 minutes

He was an accomplished academic and believed to be the first African-American in Texas to receive a Ph.D. His son was a famous debater who became a founding pioneer of non-violent civil rights protest. Today we are talking about the James Farmers; Senior and Junior.

#205: Houston Astros Part Two: The 80s

23 minutes

The 1970s closed out with a great season for the Houston Astros in 1979. They finished only one-and-a-half games behind the pennant-winning Reds, and ended the decade on the brink of greatness. Would the Astros finally get over that hump and become the dominant team they’d come close to becoming since the 1960s? Let’s find out.

#204: The Mysterious Death of Bobby Fuller

23 minutes

He was a visionary rock n roller from West Texas, the self-style King of El Paso Rock, who rocketed to the top of the charts in 1966. But his tragic and mysterious death prevented him from living up to his full potential. This week we look at the mysterious death of Texas rock legend Bobby Fuller.

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