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#227: CATI Watches: The Legend of Billie Jean

74 minutes

It’s an 80’s teen movie set in Corpus Christi. According to IMDB, A Texas teenager cuts her hair short and becomes an outlaw martyr with her brother and friends. Today Come and Take It watches The Legend of Billie Jean.

#226: Selena Part Two

25 minutes

From her humble beginnings in Lake Jackson, Texas, Selena Quintanilla had risen to the top of the Tejano music scene. At 23 years old, she had several gold records, a budding acting career, and a clothing line sold in her own boutiques. There seemed to be no stopping Selena as she stood on the verge of becoming a household name.

#225: Texas Christmas Traditions

38 minutes

Christmas is a holiday celebrated my many and recognized by most living here in the Lone Star state. Today, we’re discussing some of the the most Texan ways to celebrate the holiday!

#224: Selena Part One

28 minutes

A South Texan girl who couldn’t even speak Spanish rose to unprecedented prominence in the male-dominated world of Tejano music. Her record-breaking rise to fame was compared to musical superstars like Madonna and Elvis, she too was famous enough to be known by a single name: Selena.

#223: Sam Houston and Texas Secession

51 minutes

This week we begin a multi-part series examining in more depth some of the many stories of Texas in the Civil War. First up: the chain of events that led to Texas seceding from the Union.

#222: Arthur ‘Dooley’ Wilson

16 minutes

He was an actor in one of the most notable scenes of cinema of all time, and he’s a Texan to boot! Today we say, Play it again, Sam as we celebrate the life and art of Arthur ‘Dooley’ Wilson.

#221: Battle of the Sexes

26 minutes

If you’re going to play one of the most important tennis matches in history, I guess you better do it in Texas! Today we are discussing the world famous tennis match known as the battle of the sexes.

#220: Texas’ First Thanksgiving

23 minutes

There were no turkeys, pumpkin pies, or Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving celebrated in Texas. In fact, it occurred over 20 years before any Englishman set foot on Plymouth Rock. This week we look at the remarkable story of America’s REAL first Thanksgiving!

#219: Benjamin Lundy

22 minutes

In the early 1830s, a Quaker abolitionist attempted to establish in the Mexican territory of Texas a most remarkable experiment: a colony for freed slaves. This week we talk about Benjamin Lundy and his Texas Freedmen Colony.

#218: Robert E. Howard

30 minutes

He was a small-town boy from Texas whose pulp fiction stories became the very basis of the ‘sword and sorcery’ fantasy genre.

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