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#321: Texas Proposition 5

20 minutes

How can you support Texas’ state parks and historic sites in November 2019? By voting! This week we talk about Proposition 5 and Texas’ parks and landmarks!

#320: Songs of Willie Nelson: The Early Years

78 minutes

Willie Nelson is one of the all time great Texan musicians, but his struggles for success in Nashville before finding his sound are legendary. This week we compare and contrast some of the songs that others made famous in Willie’s early days.

#319: The Texas Florida Wrestling Connection

78 minutes

What do Terry Funk, Dusty Rhodes, and David Von Erich have in common? They are integral to the surprising connection between two great professional wrestling hotbeds. This week we are joined by special guest Barry Rose, as we look back on Texas and Florida wrasslin’ memories.

#318: Best of CATI: Odds and Ends Part One

24 minutes

Sometimes we run across a story that we can’t quite stretch into a full episode on its own. Today we thought we’d bring you some interesting stories we wanted to bring to you as kind of a potpourri of odds and ends

#317: Best of CATI: Panther Hall

23 minutes

We’re looking back at an episode about one of the historic music halls of Texas. For fifteen years, a former bowling hall was the greatest music venue in the Lone Star State. From Bob Wills to Johnny Cash to Tina Turner to Willie Nelson, some of the biggest music names in the world walked the famed stage of Fort Worth’s Panther Hall.

#316: CATI Watches: LBJ

39 minutes

This week, CATI watches another movie about the United States’ first Texan president, Lyndon Baines Johnson. This time it’s LBJ starring Woody Harrelson, directed by Rob Reiner.

#315: Texas’ Woodstock: The Texas International Pop Festival

34 minutes

In the summer of 1969, tens of thousands of young Americans travelled across the country to experience an outdoor music festival like no other…in Texas! This week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Texas International Pop Festival, Texas’ Woodstock.

#314: Texas Rock: Garage Bands and Psychedelia

47 minutes

Texan Englishmen, Bob Dylan clones, and freakout cowboys! Today we take a look at some of the obscurities of Texas music, 60s Garage bands and psychedelia.

#313: Ima Hogg

32 minutes

The First Lady of Texas was no joke. A woman who cared about the cultural and mental well-being of her beloved home state and spent her life working for it, today we’re talking about Ima Hogg.

#312: CATI Watches: All the Way

30 minutes

In the year after JFK’s death, Texan Lyndon Baines Johnson became President and was faced with guiding the country through massive political change while simultaneously seeking re-election.This week we talk about the 2016 HBO movie (based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning play) about this fascinating period.

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