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#274: Patrick Swayze

33 minutes

An athlete, a dancer, and an actor, this Texan charmed his way into our hearts with his tough-guy charm and heartbreak smile. Today on Come and Take It, Pain don’t hurt… because we’re paying tribute to the late, great Patrick Swayze.

#273: ‘Cactus Jack’ Garner: Part Two

34 minutes

This week continue our discussion of the first man to be both Speaker of the House and Vice President, Texas’ own John Nance ‘Cactus Jack’ Garner.

#272: ‘Cactus Jack’ Garner: Part One

20 minutes

He was the first Texan to serve as the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and as Vice President of the United States. He was outspoken, cantakerous, and controversial, and relished his nickname ‘Cactus Jack’. This week we cover part one of our discussion of John Nance Garner.

#271: The Road to 254

42 minutes

Texas is big y’all. The massive state is 268,597 square miles, sub-divided into 254 individual counties. Today we’re discussing how much of this beautiful state we’ve actually seen.

#270: Jewish Texans

22 minutes

Since its earliest days, Jewish Texans have played a vital and vibrant role in the life and history of the Lone Star State. This week we celebrate the unique legacy of Jewish Texans.

#269: CATI Watches: Silent Rage

55 minutes

It’s Halloween-time in Texas again! But instead of a spooky ghost tale, we’re going back to the movies, Chuck Norris-style! Today we’re watching 1982’s Chuck Norris epic… Silent Rage!

#268: Texan Astronaut Actors

46 minutes

Space…the final frontier. Today we discuss the adventures of ten Texan actors who have taken our imaginations to the stars.

#267: The Muncey Incident

19 minutes

Texas had just won its independence from Mexico in a bloody revolution. The promise of a prosperous future for Anglo settlers was on the horizon, and everyone wanted their share. While everyone wanted peace, it was inevitable that newcomers would continue to clash with the native residents of the territory. This is the story of the last known Indian raid in Collin County.

#266: Steve Martin

36 minutes

He’s a maverick performer who made a name for himself by questioning everything about his profession. He’s a stand-up comedian turned movie star turned banjo star that now spends most of his time writing. We’re talking about a comedy legendand technically a Texan.

#265: Tales of the Texas Rangers—Diamond Dick

18 minutes

He was a dashing Texas Ranger who had a reputation for taking the toughest jobs and always getting his man, and he did so always wearing a diamond pin on his lapel. This week we look at another True Tale of the Texas Rangers, the legend of Diamond Dick: Ernest St. Leon.

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