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#202: Dan Blocker

16 minutes

He was a west Texas school teacher who moved to Hollywood and became the beloved co-star of one of the longest running TV Westerns of all time. This week we talk about Bonanza’s Hoss Cartwright, Dan Blocker.

#201: Katherine Stinson

12 minutes

She was the Amelia Earhart of Texas and a pioneer in aviation history! Today we discuss the life and times of Aviatrix Katherine Stinson.

#200: A Come and Take It Bicentennial

28 minutes

This week is our 200th episode, and to celebrate we’re going to talk around the campfire about some odds and ends and things we love about Texas, and some of our favorite things about this show. Sit back and enjoy a Come and Take It Bicentennial!

#199: Lydia Mendoza: La Alondra de la Frontera

17 minutes

She was the known as La Alondra de la Frontera and La Gloria de Texas, the first superstar who paved the way for generations of Tejano musicians and fans. This week we look at the remarkable life and music of Lydia Mendoza.

#198: OSR

17 minutes

El Camino Royale, the King’s Road, the Old Spanish Trail, or the Old San Antonio Road. While it has many names, this classic road has a glorious history into the past of Texas. Today we’re talking about the OSR.

#197: Powers Boothe

23 minutes

Jim Jones. Curly Bill. Cy Tolliver. Iconic roles for an iconic actor. Today we’re looking back on the life and career of beloved native Texan actor Powers Boothe.

#196: Peggy Hull

17 minutes

Pioneering journalist Peggy Hull came to Texas in 1916 to break the glass ceiling and become Americas first female war correspondent.

#195: Nacogdoches and the Birth of the Marx Brothers

19 minutes

Some runaway mules, a distracted crowd, and an irritated vaudeville musical act. How did America’s most famous family of comedians get their start in the oldest town in Texas? This well we talk about Nacogdoches and the birth of the Marx Brothers!

#194: CATI Watches: Hell or High Water

30 minutes

We’ve discussed in the past the hit-or-miss nature of accurately representing Texas in film and television. Every once in awhile, a film comes along that’s so dead on—so perfectly Texan—that we can’t help but get excited about it. Against a backdrop of struggling farms and oil boomtowns in West Texas, Hell or High Water weaves a familiar tale of the little guy striking back against the system that has done him and his family wrong. Layered over that simple plot is a wonderful cast of Texan characters which ring very, very true.

#193: Tales of Texas Past

25 minutes

Frontier justice, a wizard with a whip, a scandalous apparition, and a bull tied to murder. This week we take another journey into history with more Tales of Texas Past

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