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#241: Carswell Field

28 minutes

Since 1941, this giant manufacturing plant in Fort Worth has produced some of the most powerful aircraft in the United States Air Force, directly from the assembly line to the flight line of the air base next door. This week we talk about the history of Carswell Field and Air Force Plant Number 4.

#240: Bonham

26 minutes

A Southern lawyer from South Carolina who became a hero of the Alamo. A small north Texas town with roots going back to the mid-1800s that became the birthplace of some of the most famous (and infamous) Texans. A prime example of Depression-era WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps construction. These all have one thing in common: the name Bonham.

#239: Filthy Fifties: The Great Texas Drought

25 minutes

The old testament has a verse, ‘And there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land.’ Today we’re talking about the almost biblical SEVEN years of drought that consumed Texas from 1950 to 1957.

#238: CATI Watches: Lone Wolf McQuade

73 minutes

1983 is one of the high-water marks in American cinema history. But in mid-April 1983 history was changed forever when Chuck Norris kick-punched his way into our young hearts. Crossbows, shoguns, spinning heel kicks, and warm Pearl beer. This week—with special returning guest Stephen Guerra from the Beyond the Big Screen podcast—we examine one of the great works of Texas cinema.

#237: Wilds Richardson and the Polar Bear Expedition

20 minutes

He was a Texan soldier who became a trailblazer in the development of the Alaska territory. Later he led American troops in their intervention into the Russian Civil War.

#236: George Foreman: Part 2

26 minutes

From taciturn champ to loveable pitchman, this native Texan’s career included a break so long, it was longer than most people’s careers. This week we bring you part two of the life of Texas boxing legend George Foreman.

#235: George Foreman: Part 1

25 minutes

From taciturn champ to loveable pitchman, this native Texan’s career included a break so long, it was longer than most people’s careers. Today we’re talking about a Texas boxing legend.

#234: Sea-Arama

32 minutes

Like most people, when it’s cold and windy outside, all we can think about are sun, snakes, skis, and porpoises. Not to mention llamas and fishes. That’s right, we’re talking about Sea-Arama, that wonderful, long-lost jewel of Galveston Island.

#233: Jacob Snively and the Invincibles

28 minutes

In 1843, a group of Texans set out in an ill-fated expedition to raid the famed trading caravans of the Santa Fe Trail, and sparked an international incident thanks to an unexpected encounter with the United States Cavalry. This week we talk about Jacob Snively and the Battalion of Invincibles.

#232: Canton Trade Days

22 minutes

Just south of I-20 in East Texas, the small town of Canton hosts the largest and oldest flea market in history. Today we’re talking about the history of Canton’s First Monday Trade Days!

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