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#285: Barry White

29 minutes

Some say his voice sounds like if chocolate fudge cake could sing. Through a career that spanned decades his remarkable voice made its mark on the music of our time. Today we’re talking about The Walrus of Love, Barry White.

#284: Barbara Jordan

20 minutes

She was a Texas lawyer who became a powerful and pioneering force for Civil Rights and women’s equality in state and national politics. This week we look at the remarkable life of Barbara Jordan.

#283: Best of Come and Take It: Britt Johnson

14 minutes

This week we revisit a favorite episode from a few years ago. African-American frontiersman Britton Johnson became a legend on the Texas Frontier for bravery and perseverance in setting out alone into Comancheria to search for his captured wife and children. Through two years of trial and heartache, he not only succeeded in liberating his family but several other captives as well. This week we learn about the life and death of a true Texas Original, Britton Johnson!

#282: Three-Legged Willie

19 minutes

He was a lawyer, a newspaperman, a Ranger, a soldier, a judge, and a politician, and he did it all on THREE legs. This week we look at the life of legendary Texan Robert ‘Three Legged Willie’ Williamson.

#281: A.J. Foyt

35 minutes

He’s stubborn, forthright, and has a sense of fair play. He’s been called a true gentleman and yet pushed a man into a tulip bed on national television. He has insulted an entire nation’s favorite auto race then dominated its winner’s circle. Today, we’re talking about AJ Foyt.

#280: Outlaw Ladies of Texas: Part Two

15 minutes

This week we continue our discussion of famous outlaw women who made their way through or were from the Lone Star State.

#279: Outlaw Ladies of Texas: Part One

21 minutes

Texas is famous and infamous for its outlaws and badmen who operated outside the law. But there are many famous women outlaws who made their way through or were from the Lone Star State.

#278: 2018 in Review

22 minutes

This year was quite a ride! Today we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite topics of 2018.

#277: A Texas Christmas Classic

16 minutes

As we prepare for Christmas, let’s take a moment to say thank you with a classic Texas Christmas story. With a twist.

#276: CATI Watches: Urban Cowboy

51 minutes

Do you like confusing narratives, strange pacing, abusive toxic relationships, and great country music of the late 1970s? Boy do we have a movie for you! Today we watch the 1980 classic, Urban Cowboy!

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