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  • 47. Texas During the Great War 104

    The First World War had a profound impact on the Lone Star State. From the men and women who served to its role as a training ground for soldiers and aviators, Texas played a significant part in the American war effort. What is often overlooked about World War I is the negative effect on Texas’ German population. As the world observes the centennial of this most terrible of wars, we take look back at the experience of Texas during the Great War.

  • 14. The Civil War in Texas 90

    From 1861 to 1865, the flag of the Confederacy flew over Texas as its sixth flag. While war raged in the other Southern states, it rarely touched Texas directly. The impact of this terrible conflict would continue to be felt in the Lone Star State into modern times.

  • 18. Reconstruction in Texas Part 1 50

    The summer of 1865 found Texas in a state of chaos as the Civil War came to an end. It was the start of a decade that brought more conflict and violence than even the previous four years of war had, with the political and social future of the state in the balance. This week we present the first episode in a two part series as we look at the first years of Reconstruction in Texas.

  • 172. Louis T. Wigfall 50

    He was a fiery and passionate supporter of the rights of the states and the institution of slavery. He was also violent, bigoted, a drunkard, and a US Senator from Texas on the eve of the Civil War. This week we look at the life of a Texas fire-eater.

  • 140. Pig War of 1841 41

    A snooty French diplomat, a surly Texas innkeeper, and pack of rampaging pigs. A dangerous combination that nearly cost Texas its independence.

  • 229. New Mexico Campaign of 1862 35

    In 1862, the Confederate military launched an ambitious campaign from Texas to lay claim to the lands and riches of New Mexico and Arizona, culminating in disastrous defeat. This week we continue our series digging deeper into the details of Texas in the Civil War.

  • 223. Sam Houston and Texas Secession 35

    This week we begin a multi-part series examining in more depth some of the many stories of Texas in the Civil War. First up: the chain of events that led to Texas seceding from the Union.

  • 246. Texas Overland Expedition 35

    This week we present another installment in our series with Professor James Early of San Jacinto College, in which we're taking a closer look at some of the many stories of Texas in the Civil War. Today we're talking Texas Overland Expedition, an effort by Union forces to invade Texas and restore the Lone Star State to the Union.

  • 146. Archive War 34

    We’ve had a Pig War and a Chicken War, and today we bring you yet another ridiculous “war” that helped define the history of Texas, and it's all about a bunch of paper.

  • 106. The Regulator Moderator War 33

    The legal and illegal influx of people into Texas in the early 1800s brought scofflaws, land swindlers, and other assorted ne’er-do-wells into the borderlands contested by the United States and Mexico. It was inevitable that disputes over land would arise, but perhaps no one expected them to become the bloody conflict known as the Regulator-Moderator War.

  • 35. The Commemorative Air Force 26

    From their beginnings as a group of aircraft enthusiasts in the Rio Grande Valley pooling their money to purchase a surplus World War 2 fighter, the Commemorative Air Force has grown into a nationwide organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of history’s greatest warbirds.

  • 244. Odds and Ends 2018 25

    This week we take a few moments to discuss listener feedback, follow up on some stories, and look at some interesting Texas history tidbits that don't quite fill up a whole show. It’s time for another edition of Odds and Ends.

  • 157. Lawrence Sullivan 'Sul' Ross 24

    He was a Texas Ranger, a Confederate general, governor, and the president of Texas A and M. This week we look at the amazing life of Lawrence Sullivan 'Sul' Ross.

  • 129. The Two Battles at Adobe Walls Part Two 22

    In the history of the Indian wars in Texas, two remarkable battles were fought in the dusty Panhandle trading post of Adobe Walls. Last week we talked about the first battle, the last great moment of glory a legendary frontier figure. The second was the first battle in a war that finally saw the end of the Comanche presence in Texas.

  • 143. Chicken War 22

    In the early 1700s, a European conflict between Spain and France reached the contested borders of their North American empires in a most unusual and ridiculous way. This week we look at the role of Spanish Texas in The Chicken War.

  • 243. The Original Texas Giant: Henry Clay Thruston 20

    He was a 7-foot-7 in giant who fought in the Civil War and spent the last decades of his life in northeast Texas. This week we look at the original Texas Giant, Henry Clay Thruston.

  • 231. 'Colonel' Edward House—Part Two: The League of Nations 18

    He was a Texas political insider who went from a power broker in the Governor's Mansion to serving as special political advisor to President Woodrow Wilson. Along the way he played a critical part in America's role in the First World War and in the creation of the League of Nations. This week we continue our discussion of the Texas Kingmaker, Col. Edward House.

  • 206. The James Farmers 18

    He was an accomplished academic and believed to be the first African-American in Texas to receive a Ph.D. His son was a famous debater who became a founding pioneer of non-violent civil rights protest. Today we are talking about the James Farmers; Senior and Junior.

  • 78. Audie Murphy 18

    Audie Murphy went to from the cotton fields of Texas to the battlefields of Europe to the lights of Hollywood in his all-too-brief life. One of the most decorated soldiers in American history, perhaps his greatest legacy was his work to shed light on post traumatic stress disorder. This week we look at one of the truly great Texas heroes, Audie Murphy.

  • 196. Peggy Hull 18

    Pioneering journalist Peggy Hull came to Texas in 1916 to break the glass ceiling and become Americas first female war correspondent.

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