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Come and Take It is a talk show about Texas, by Texans. Three friends born and raised in Texas share their views on the state’s history, culture, and just what it means to be Texan.

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Mike Zolkoski
Scott Elfstrom
Sean McIver

#45: Texas Tribes: Part Two

30 minutes

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Though the Comanche may have had the most impact on Texas History and the Caddo likely had the longest contact with European settlers, there are many other Native American tribes who made their mark. These tribes run the gamut from settled, farming groups to the horse-culture plains dwellers. From the Jumano and Apache of the far west to the Wichita and Kiowa of the plains, to the Cherokee who arrived just before the Revolution, all of these native peoples have a lasting legacy in Texas.

Before we begin… What’s your favorite Texas flag?

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