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The Battle of Gonzales - The First Battle of the Texas Revolution • Brainstaple
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Come and Take It

Come and Take It is a talk show about Texas, by Texans. Three friends born and raised in Texas share their views on the state’s history, culture, and just what it means to be Texan.

Your Hosts

Mike Zolkoski
Scott Elfstrom
Sean McIver

#3: The Battle of Gonzales - The First Battle of the Texas Revolution

19 minutes

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On October 2, in the village of Gonzales near San Antonio, Texian colonists resisted the attempt by the Mexican officials to sieze a small cannon, challenging the Mexican soldiers to “Come and Take It”. Fighting broke out, becoming the last straw in the relationship between Texas and the Mexican government of Santa Anna. This tiny skirmish would set Texas on the road to independence. The flag they fought under would inspire this revolution as well as this podcast.

Before we begin… What’s your favorite ZZ Top album?

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